Tuesday, September 29, 2009

October Support Group Meeting - Room Number

A message from the co-branch manager:

Hello all,
Because of the good turn out last month, they (the hospital) have offered a room that will hold a similar size.

Here is the room number for our October meeting: M.O.B. East.

This stands for Medical Office Building, East. The address is 501 N. Graham, which is on the Atrium side of the building. There is a driveway to the entrance of the Atrium from N. Graham, and the conference room is on the South side of the driveway. If you drive through the drop off to the Atrium, the atrium is on your right and the conference rooms are on the left, towards the parking structure. Closer to parking, a bit trickier to find.

There will be a person posted by the doors of meeting room 1077/1075 where we met last month, *and* at the entrance to the Atrium to point people in the right direction, as they enter the atrium.

If you mapquest/google 502 N. Graham, it puts you right at the room MOB East.

~Lisa Shaver

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