Local Restaurants

To maintain an evergreen list of gluten-free restaurants in the Portland Metro area we included links to websites where they maintain lists to GF friendly restaurants! They update their databases and lists regularly so check back often.

Please remember that when dining out we cannot guarantee that you will have a gluten free experience. The restaurants listed in the links below were recommended by members of those websites who had a good GF dining experiences. Many of these establishments have very knowledgeable staff and work hard to keep us safe. Some of these restaurants have gluten free menus and some do not. Please always notify your waitstaff either way that you cannot eat gluten and discuss the safest options to avoid both cross contamination and direct contact with gluten.

If you have been "glutened" or had another bad experience please let the restaurant, promoting website or us know. Communication provides constructive feedback to the restaurant with unsafe practices and promotes awareness for the GF community.

Thanks and Happy Gluten-Free Eating!

For Consumers:
Gluten Free Portland has an alphabetical list of gluten-free places to eat in the metro area. They review many of the restaurants listed and it's easy to find information about hours of operation, addresses, websites, etc.
Gluten Free PDX has an interactive map on their homepage that will direct you to the closest GF friendly restaurant. The site also offers a Master Restaurant List and an Search by Neighborhood with an interactive map. According to their site, "Our listings of restaurants, bars, coffeeshops and other food establishments are places where we have found at least one Gluten Free food item, and usually can be accommodated very well."
The Gluten.net site features a searchable restaurant database. Find a restaurant in Oregon, Washington or other states. Its a useful resource when at home or during travel.
AllergyEats offers a searchable database of 600K allergy-friendly restaurant listings across the United States. Their website, Iphone and Android apps allow customized searches by the most common food allergy and location with customer reviews and restaurant ratings.
Find Me Gluten Free has Iphone and Android apps connect consumers with gluten-free businesses. You can share photos, read reviews and enter ratings for gluten-free businesses.
*Always check with your doctor to determine what is right for you.

For Restaurants:
GIG offers two restaurant awareness programs and has a searchable restaurant database.
    • The Chef to Plate program offers restaurants training and menu review services to participating restaurants. This year over 1,700 restaurants participated in the Chef-to-Plate program nationally.