Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meet Chef Abby Fammartino

Abby Fammartino began her culinary exploration at a young age, developing a natural cooking savvy along with a keen interest in health and wellness. Her involvement in local, sustainable farming, her studies in Japan, and her interest in the Chinese Five-Phase Theory bring delicate balance to her worldly repertoire. Abby is a graduate of the acclaimed Natural Gourmet Institute of Food and Health in New York City, a leader in health-supportive food theory and gourmet cuisine.

She views whole foods as preventative medicine, and she stays up to date on current food issues in order to create safe, sustainable menus. Abby loves to create new recipes, share them with hungry friends and speak excitably about food with anyone who asks. She has cooked in reputable restaurants such as Deborah Madison’s Greens in San Francisco, assisted private caterers on the East and West coasts, and worked as head chef on a research vessel in the Aleutian Islands.

Abby launched Your Natural Chef in 2004. Since then she has delighted the palates of many happy and healthy clients in Philadelphia, Manhattan and Seattle before relocating to the Portland area in 2007.
"I believe that it is possible for anyone to get excited about real food. Whether it be through fresh weekly meals or occasional cooking classes, I make it my business to inspire a healthy lifestyle that begins in the kitchen. It’s easy to learn simple ways to balance your health by understanding the best ingredients for your body and your lifestyle.

Shopping for seasonal and local foods is the first step to achieve this balance. My aim is to help you make this step by teaching and creating healthy yet succulent menus to improve your quality of life. Eating well can be fun, health-building and practical. And most importantly, deliciously enjoyable."
Your Natural Chef is becoming Abby's Table! It is our passion to create vibrant foods for your health, that are irresistibly delicious. Everybody eats happy at Abby's Table.

Family Style Table Dinners!
100% Gluten Free Meal featuring raw foods, vegan and omnivore options. Each Wednesday the menu is a surprise, but it always features one of Abby's Table sauces to highlight easy ways to do-it-yourself at home. Our dinner demos feature wine, scrumptious seasonal feast and a cooking demo all in one!
*Family Style: Every Wednesday at 7pm $18/person
*Dinner Demos: Every other Saturday Night at 7pm $40/person

Monthly Cooking Classes
Check the Calendar for classes with Chef Abby. Classes will cover some of the popular dishes previously available for weekly orders, as well as general tips for gluten free, dairy free and soy free cooking that will surely please the palate. Have a blast while learning skills that last. $35-40/person - Public class price.

Catered Events
Contact us for menu samples and a quote for your upcoming wellness event, party, or wedding. Show your style and celebrate with good, clean and healthful food.

Personal Chef Services
Contact Chef Abby for menu samples and a quote for your custom healthful cuisine needs. (503) 828-7662.

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