Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer 2010 Support Group Meeting Schedule

Please note that our Summer schedule for support group meeting speakers and topics is out.  Save the dates, we hope to see you there!  (You'll be able to easily find this info in the side bar at anytime)

Summer 2010 Support Group Meeting Schedule

June 12th
SPEAKER: Mike & Maria Smith of Bavaria Mills GF Bakery
TOPIC: Mike and Maria have provided a variety of locally-made (Vancouver, WA) pizza crusts, pie crusts, hamburger buns, muffins, dinner rolls, and breads. Marie was studying to be a nutritionist and her husband, Mike, was a consultant when they both discovered they had celiac disease. After years of perfecting gluten free cooking, Marie and Mike opened Bavaria Mills. They are graciously providing samples of their wares.

July 10th
SPEAKER: Dr. Misty White and Dr. Robyn Kutka of Gluten Free Tastefully
TOPIC: Drs. White and Kutka will present on The Gluten/Hormone Connection. They will discuss the relationship between gluten and hormones and the interplay of these factors on our health. The discussion will be followed by a Q & A period. Dr. Kutka has a 6 year old son with celiac disease and Dr. White found living gluten-free to be key in her own health journey. Together they host Gluten Free Tastefully.

August 14th
SPEAKER: Abby Fammartino of Abby’s Table
TOPIC: Abby began her cooking career at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York, and now runs a commercial kitchen in Portland in which she hosts weekly gluten-free and dairy-free dinners. She creates her superb line of handmade, fresh sauces, all free of gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugars. She will speak on healthy gluten free eating and her mission about the excitement, wonder and power of real foods from around the world. She will offer samples of her great Abby’s Table sauces.

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