Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Request for Participants in Celiac Disease Study

Request for Participants in Celiac Disease Study
Amy L. Adams (Masters of Nutrition Candidate, Bastyr University) and Dr. Elizabeth Kirk (Nutrition faculty, Bastyr University and University of Washington) are recruiting volunteers recently diagnosed (in the past three months) with celiac disease for a scientific survey study.  We are studying the pre-diagnosis diets of people recently diagnosed with celiac disease to determine whether nutrient and food group intakes differ from the general United States population.
We hope you will consider being a part of this study!
Participation Requirements:
1)    You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
2)    You must have been diagnosed with celiac disease in the past three (3) months with an intestinal biopsy.
3)    You must have lived in the United States during 11 of the 12 months prior to your diagnosis with celiac disease.
4)    You must answer survey questions based on your diet during the 12 months prior to your diagnosis.  For example, if you were diagnosed on February 17, 2010, you will answer questions in the survey about your diet from February 17, 2009 - February 16, 2010.
By participating in this online diet history questionnaire (DHQ-Web), you will be asked about your diet 12 months prior to your diagnosis with celiac disease.  The questionnaire will take approximately one hour to complete.  You will be able to pause the questionnaire and come back to it at a later time (by logging back in) as long as you complete the questionnaire by the end of the study period, June 30, 2010.
To participate in the survey, you must email the researchers at  You will receive the study ID, your respondent ID and password, as well as instructions on how to access the online questionnaire (DHQ-Web).  Email will only be used to assign respondent IDs and passwords, answer participant questions, and remind participants of the study period's closing deadline.  Survey results will be linked only to the respondent ID and not to any other identifying information.  The email account will only be accessed by Amy Adams and Dr. Elizabeth Kirk during the study period.  All emails and the email account will be deleted after the study period. 
After completing the survey, results linked to each respondent ID
 will be sent electronically to the researchers.  Because you will not enter personal information in the online questionnaire (other than gender, and the month and year of your birth), and we will not link respondent IDs to any other identifiers (from email), the survey results will be anonymous.
This is a voluntary study.  At any time, you may choose not to complete the survey or participate in the study.
Risks, Stress, and Discomfort
There should be no risks, stress, or discomfort to you during this study.  Survey results are anonymous and will not be linked to the identity of the participant.  Participants may contact Lizbeth Adams, Ph.D., Director of the Bastyr University Office of Research Integrity with questions about rights as a human participant in research at 425-602-3416.
Please email Amy Adams with any questions about this study at the study's email address:  Dr. Elizabeth Kirk can also be reached at
If you would like to participate, please email  Let us know that you have read the above materials, meet the participation requirements, and would like to be a participant.
Thank you so much for helping to increase scientific knowledge about celiac disease!

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