Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"It is important for those following a gluten-free diet to incorporate the latest valid scientific information into their diets.....glucose, glucose syrup and caramel color are "gluten-free", even if derived from wheat, as the wheat is so highly processed, there is no gluten detected.

Glucose, glucose syrup, caramel and similar ingredients have no detectable gluten, even if derived from wheat...... This does not mean that all ingredients derived from these sources actually contain gluten. So, it is a legal requirement that the source be declared, but remember that ingredients derived from wheat that are gluten free are: dextrose, glucose and caramel colour (additive 150).

As gluten-containing grains are processed, more and more of the gluten is removed from them, as shown in this simple processing flow:

Wheat Flour (80,000ppm) > Wheat Starch (200ppm) > Dextrin > Maltodextrin > Glucose Syrup (<5ppm) > Dextrose > Caramel Color

"The Gluten-free diet, A comprehensive resource guide" Shelley Case, author.

page: 53- "Glucose syrups are highly processed and purified in order to separate and remove the protein portion from the starch mixture. .... Although glucose syrup can be made from wheat, the processing renders it gluten free. This has been verified by scientists and research centers in Europe, Australia and other countries using the highly sensitive R5 ELISA tests."

"SOURCE: an adaptation of an article featured in "The Australian Coeliac" Magazine quarterly publication of the Australian Coeliac Society, in June 2000, written by Sue Shepherd and Susannah King, Dietitians, together with Graeme Price, Technical Advisor to the Coeliac Society of Australia.

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