Monday, July 27, 2009

Warning: Sami's Breads are not gluten-free

I am sad to report that Sami's Breads of Tampa, Florida is not gluten-free.

Many of us have been buying Sami's at our local stores and have had no reactions to the bread. Others have reported severe reactions. After the products were sent for testing, it appears that Sami's products do contain gluten.
Many of the local area health food stores have pulled Sami's from their shelves. Cindy Erwin of the Gluten Free Grocery in Westchester, Illinois recently sent out an email to her customers letting them know that they will no longer be carrying the product line, which was one of her best sellers.

Cindy's email stated , "According to a Sami’s employee, their products were recently tested for gluten and they came back higher than the standard 20ppm. As a result, we cannot continue to suggest to our customers that this is a gluten-free product. Please note, the product ingredients do not contain gluten, but the cross-contamination of their facility is what increased the number. According to the same employee, they are not considering creating a dedicated gluten-free facility." Kudos to Cindy for staying on top of this matter!


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