Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Local Restaurant Review

Thanks to our members that write in and let us know how a dining experience went for them! We're always open to your suggestions and experiences. Happy and safe eating everyone!

"Hi, my name is K.D. and I have attended many of your meetings. I know you have a newsletter coming out soon and think this would be worth adding. Saw the words "gluten-free menu options" on a banner outside of a Restaurant. Just ate there. Yum! It had "gluten-free" and for those who want it "vegan" catagory too printed on their Breakfast menu, Breakfast is served all day. There were many selections and the wait staff brought me an ingredient list when I seemed unsure. Really I couldn't beleive my eyes. They did their homework all was truly GF. Talked with cook and he seemed very knowlegable. He said he does and would be happy to alter more items off the menu with request and knows Celiacs (he brought the subject up) that eat there. Gluten-free biscuits and gravy was great! I keep going back and getting takeout. The cook makes everything from stratch. Checkout the menu off this website: Francis Restaurant
They are at 2338 NE Alberta. The owner told me that a new bakery was going up down the street too (block or so away) with GF options. How exciting, it is great to be in Portland. I told him I would pass on the word on to you! He was unaware of our group."


Emily said...

Just ate at Grandma Leeths and they have multiple gluten free items on their menu. The owner was very friendly and was very knowledgeable about the gluten free items. All four of us, three who were not gluten intolerant, cleaned out entire plates. This restaurant is so awesome, so check out the website,
Also just FYI Applebees is not gluten free they won't publish anything on their website about food allergies and they make you call an 800 number and ask about every dish to find something safe, then they tell you that even if they say it is gluten free that you can't be sure that it is safe to eat. I am planning on writing a letter to their corporate office to express my displeasure with this service.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I live near Francis Restraunt and am excited to go check it out with my boyfriend. It's nice to have someplace we can both go where neither feels "cheated".

Emily said...

We went to another resturant called Split,, and had a great experience as well. They don't have designated gluten free items listed on the menu yet, but we talked with the owner for a long time and he said that he was going to start adding that as soon as he changed the menu again. He even had the chef make me some new french fries because he was not sure if the garlic sauce they put on them was gluten free. I had a sandwich, without the bread of course and it was really good. The owner said that if other gluten free people come in to dine, that they can ask their server to recommend gluten free items. He was very interested in making sure that I was able to choose from several items on the menu and also making sure that I did not get sick. It is a cute wine bar as well.