Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sweetpea Baking Company - 100% Vegan w/ a dash of GF

The challenge of eating gluten free is difficult. The challenge of eating gluten free, dairy free and egg free makes going out to eat anywhere nearly impossible, never mind baked goods. Until today. I would like to thank the internet for introducing me to some really lovely people. One of whom tipped me off to Sweetpea Baking Company, a 100% VEGAN bakery, that also (happily) makes some gluten free/vegan delights as well. While initially the promise of a GF carrot-cake muffin lured me in, when I arrived this afternoon they were out. They did have GF blueberry muffins and GF brownies available. As we all know there was a choice to be made. Mine was a resounding BOTH! The brownie was to die for! The blueberry muffin a light not too sweet affair that was just right with a cup of black tea*.

While making my first visit on a Sunday afternoon** may not have been the best idea, they were pretty busy, both the woman working the counter and the manager were more then happy to answer as many questions as they could and even fit in some time to go print out an ingredient list for me. (I have multiple food allergies on top of the Celiac). I was delighted with their friendly hospitality and willingness to accommodate my food "issues".

While they do have a range of wheat filled vegan baked goods their list of gluten free vegan offerings is very nice: Brownies, blueberry muffins, German chocolate cake, black forest chocolate cake, toasted coconut cream cake (comes in a cupcake version too), chocolate decadence cake, chocolate cupcake (w/ optional peanut butter frosting). Off the official list is the carrotcake muffin, sandy's and meltaways that make the occasional guest appearance.

If you give them at least 48 hours notice they can make the following variety of gluten free cakes for you: Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, Almond and Coconut. Please contact them using the information below for current pricing and cake sizes.

Thank you Sweetpea Baking Co. for the nice afternoon where I could go out to eat and feel normal - it made my day!

*They offer a good variety of Stash teas which last I checked were all GF. They also serve Stumptown Coffee and use Pacific Brand soy milk, which again last I checked was GF.
**Sunday mornings they offer a savory all you can eat breakfast for $10 (we'd just missed it).

Sweetpea Baking Company
1205 SE Stark St
Portland, OR 97214

(503) 477-5916

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