Thursday, March 6, 2008

GIG: Portland Branch Update

I realize that it's been a while since I was in touch. It's been busy since the new year and I know quite a few of you may have been wondering what's going on and how come the group's been a little on the quiet side. Rest assured that we are still here working diligently to help you live a better gluten free life. So onto some issues that a few of you have asked about and more are probably wondering about:

As you may have noticed our website, http::// has been down for sometime. It has been maintained by National GIG and they are in the process of making some upgrades that will allow us (each individual branch) to edit and maintain our own site without having to learn how to become web developers. As with most things technical it is taking longer than planned. However it should have some great features and once it's up and available we will be sure to let you know and hope you check in frequently.

For the first time since the Portland branch was formed we missed sending out our printed quarterly newsletter to all but those who requested a .pdf version. (That would be the Winter 2007 edition) To those of you who subscribe please note that we have given credit to everyone's account by extending your membership for one additional season from when you initially signed up. It will be noted on your address label as 2008 FALL (for example) of which issue will be your last one. We will be working to send out the 2008 SPRING edition by the end of the month. Look for it then. Many apologies!

We are also looking to have the printing of our newsletter donated to the group. If you know of a printer that would interested in volunteering their time (and ink and paper!) just four times a year, please get in touch with either Mary, Kathy or myself. Thanks so much!

Because we're just normal folks just like you who volunteer to spend our time helping out our community, sometimes "real life" gets in the way of the amount of time that we can spend dedicated to the cause. As much as I would like to keep up with the membership, the newsletter and the blog other aspects (like a *very* active toddler and a full time job) are demanding more and more of my attention. With that said I will be passing the torch of membership to Kathy Kreitzberg‎ (who's currently our treasurer and will now uphold both roles). I'd like to extend a big thank you to her for taking this on. I also hope this will help with more consistent record keeping, as I know a few of you fell through the cracks as we passed information back and forth in the past. It will now all flow seamlessly though her. Thanks K! You can contact her at: 503-281-7084 or for questions regarding your membership after March 8th.

And remember, we are always looking for people to help us out in many ways so if you feel you have even a little time or energy to contribute we'd love to hear from you! (We can always use volunteers for the Food Fair and Walk) and would welcome longer term commitments with open arms. Please contact our Branch Manager, Mary Wikle if you'd like more information. 503-524-8302 or ‏

Don't forget that our next meeting is this Saturday! MARCH 8th.

In the line up for the next several months:

Topic is TBD - Please note we will be meeting in the education building for that meeting - our normal room is unavailable.

Don't forget we don't meet this month because of the FOOD FAIR AND WALK! (See previous entry)

Dr. Igor Schwartzman, a naturopathic physician from Whole Family Wellness Center in Portland will be speaking to our group. He specializes in Digestive Health and Disorders.

As always good health to you all!

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