Friday, July 20, 2007

PIZZA - need a new location

Hi everyone~it's Cyndy from Grassroots Baking Company.
I make the gf pizza crust for Oliver's. I am requesting your help in locating a new restaurant to meet our gf pizza needs. I have a whole freezer full of crusts just waiting to be delivered! The gf pizza had grown to be 60% of Oliver's pizza business so the profitability is there for the right venue.
Thanks a bunch!

You can either leave your ideas in a post below or you can e-mail me at and I'll be sure to pass the information along to Cyndy.


Jct said...

I'd love it if Hot Lips Pizza would offer it at their locations! They already support local organic products, it would be great if they'd stock the gluten free dough too!

Jenn said...

Yeah, that would be totally cool - especially since I've got a Hot Lips two blocks from my house!

cyndy said...

Hot Lips would be my first choice! I will talk to them soon and it's even more effective if you as a customer would let them know of you're interest-they tend to take customers more seriously than vendors~

I'd also heard of some interest in Market of Choice-both stores~
Thanks, everyone! Cyndy

mike m said...

Another option might be Zeppo's in Lake Oswego. They serve pizza and recently added gluten free pasta as an option for diners.

Jenn said...

Cyndy, did you talk with the owners of The Coffee Plant? They were mulling over the whole Pizza thing there for awhile....??? Also convenient for you as it's right next door to the Corbett Fish House.

cyndy said...

Thanks, Mike I'll give Zeppo's a call.
Hi Jen, Coffee Plant ordered dough from me awhile ago but I was unable to make contact with them after that-don't know what they're doing.
Thanks for all the great input everybody-it really helps me out!

Jenn said...

Please keep us in the loop - Summer without Pizza just isn't the same!