Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Harvester - Locally Brewed GF Beer

There's been a lot happening since Harvester announced the initial release of their beer just shy of 3 weeks ago. Adding to Belmont Station and The BeerMongers they are now in 4 additional locations.

They have tasting events coming up at two of the new locations and excited to begin work on their next style of beer, Dark Ale.

New Locations Carrying Harvester Beer
In the past two days we've added 4 new locations around town that are carrying our beer:

Bridgetown Beerhouse - a bottle shop and beer bar in North Portland.
NorthWest Public House - a gastropub and sports bar in Northwest Portland that has a number of gluten-free menu options.
Beaumont Market - a neighborhood grocery store with a beer room in Northeast Portland
John's Market - a bottle shop with an attached deli in Southwest Portland

Upcoming Free Tasting Events
They have two tasting events coming up in the next few weeks. Harvester will be setup pouring samples of their GF beer at two of the locations that just recently started carrying the Pale Ale:

John's Market - January 20th - 5 to 7pm
Beaumont Market - January 27th - 4:30 to 7pm

New Style on the Horizon

The next style that Harvester plans to add to the standard line-up will be Harvester Brewing Dark Ale. This has been a consistent request of many of the people they talk to at tastings. The guys at Harvester are excited to expand the line past the existing Pale Ale. They roasted the chestnuts for this batch to a chocolaty brown today at the brewery and plan on brewing the first pilot batch of this beer tomorrow.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or comments.

James & John
Harvester Brewing


Gina said...

Cool! I'm always game to try a new GF beer. I'll had over to Belmont Station for one of these. Thanks!

Unknown said...

As a deeply committed dark beer enthusiast I am so pleased my prayers have been heard and answered. My heart may heal upon this news that GF Dark beer is on the way, no more shall I have these blues.