Friday, June 3, 2011

GF Foreign Exchange Student Needs a GF Home

Ever thought of hosting an exchange student?

Your GF household is needed.

There is a 17 year old foreign exchange student from Germany who is in need of a family in the Portland-Vancouver- Beaverton area. The exchange program is called EF. Jacqueline is a modern dancer, and has been dancing for 8 years and wants to give a try at ballet. She has Celiac disease, for finding a safe household for her is important.

My own family hosted exchange students through EF for a few years while I was in high school, and it was fun for the whole family. While having a teenager in the house is a plus, it is by no means a necessity. I was inspired to take a year abroad on an exchange program in high schooo, and then later 4 years in Africa with Peace Corps. Who knows what exciting things might unfold for you and your family.

Interested? Want to know more information? Contact Jeana Beloga of EF 503-785-1219

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