Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can you imagine gluten-free onion rings? Well, see above and drool. Cain Credicott of CeliacManiac out of Bend, Oregon has and has created a mix.He has many other mixes, too. Here is a CeliacManiac review in Living Without magazine, below.

Cain Creditcott is going to be sampling his wares at our next Portland Metro GIG meeting on February 12th, 10am to noon. Come and support one of our gluten-free local entrepreneurs.

Living Without's Favorites: A Sweet Start

Celiac Maniac's Teff Scones

Hungry for a special breakfast treat? Something that’s homemade but quick and easy? Celiac Maniac's teff scones will make your morning. This dry mix, which contains whole-grain flours(teff, sorghum, brown rice) and evaporated cane juice, is produced in a dedicated gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free facility. You stir in oil, coconut milk (or milk of choice), vanilla and a cup of frozen fruit, pop them in the oven and you’ve got hot, freshly baked scones in minutes. The mix makes about 16 scones so freeze leftovers (if there are any). Celiac Maniac also sells a brownie mix, a pancake mix and a batter mix (think fried chicken, onion rings). No white rice flour in sight.


Also find Cain on Gluten Free Online Radio.

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