Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gluten Free Easter Candy

Easter is this Sunday! Wondering which candies are gluten-free? A great site to check out is Below I am including a concise version of their lists.

Safe Gluten-Free Candy

Jelly Beans
Gimbal’s Jelly Beans
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (including original and sour flavors)
Just Born Jelly Beans (including original fruit flavored, licorice flavored (black), berry flavored, and spice flavored)
Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans (including fruit smoothie flavors)
Lifesaver Jellybeans
Mike and Ike Jelly Beans

Other Easter Candy
Almond Joy Eggs
Andes Creme de Menthe Thins
Brach’s Jelly Bean Nougats

Lifesaver hard candies – Original and Pastels
Lifesaver Eggsortment (including jellybeans, gummies and pops)
Lifesaver Gummies – Original, and Bunnies and Eggs

M&M’s — original, peanut, Speck-tacular Eggs, and Bunny Mix
Mounds Eggs (as found Mar. 2009)
Nestle’s Nest Eggs (Nestle’s Crunch Nest Eggs are not gluten-free.)
Nestle’s milk chocolate Nest Eggs
Nestle’s creamy caramel Nest Eggs
Nestle’s Butterfinger chocolate Nest Eggs
Nestle’s Butterfinger Creme Eggs

Skittles eggs and fun-size
Smarties candy rolls “Contain none of the following: gluten (from wheat, barley, oats and rye), milk, egg, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, or soybeans.”
Snickers mini’s
Sour Patch Bunnies
Starburst fruit chews – funsize
Swedish Fish Eggs soft and chewy candy
Sunny Seed Drops chocolate covered sunflower seeds
Tootsie Rolls (including midgees and fruit rolls)
Tootsie Pops
Wonka Everlasting Gobstopper Eggbreakers
Wonka Giant Pixy Stix
Wonka Hoppin’ Nerds
Wonka Runts Freckled Eggs
York Peppermint Patties

And the list goes on, check out the website at for the full list!

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