Thursday, February 11, 2010

A letter of recommendation

I've come across a new place that opened 2 weeks ago in the Yoga Pearl..It's called Prasad. Here's their menu...

They took over the space where Blossoming Lotus used to be. I was wondering if you could post this for the community? Karen Pride is the owner and she understands the importance of cross-contamination, unlike most of the places I've tried on the GF map . When I asked about the GF options, this was her response:

"the whole shebang is gluten free with a couple minor exceptions.. right now we offer both whole grain and gluten free options for toast or as a side with soups, but the wheat bread is made off-site and uses a separate cutting board and knife.. AND we are actually discontinuing the wheat bread option next week cause most people prefer the gf teff bread. Secondly, our wraps come in either a gf collard wrap or a whole wheat tortilla. All wraps are pre-made so we can ensure that there is no cross contamination. The day I can find an Excellent gf alternative for tortillas the whole place will be gluten free. Oats are gf from Bob's and pastries and bread all come from New Cascadia. come eat!!

I have celiac disease and most of the restaurants listed on the map really don't understand the cross-contamination aspect and how important it is for us with EXTREME symptoms. It's so great to find places like this.

Thanks for any help you can give by spreading the word.

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