Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kinnikinnick.TV is on the Air

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Kinnikinnick.TV is on the Air!

For the last couple of weeks we have been putting the finishing touches on our new gluten free cooking show "Great Food, Gluten Free".

Each week, Hosts Chef Lori Grein and Kim Reiniger will cover some of the issues that often come up in Gluten Free baking and cooking but most importantly, they'll show you just how easy it is to make "Great Food, Gluten Free"

While we do want to showcase our products, the show will cover the entire range of gluten free cooking, from the basics, to holiday meals, to appetizers and even beverages.

The show will be released about once a week, with episodes running from 15-25 minutes. They'll be posted to our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/glutenfreeinsider but to get the best experience, you should visit our new website www.kinnikinnick.tv The site will let you watch the videos, view the recipes for each video and any links mentioned in the show.

To get everyone ready for the upcoming holiday season, our first 4 episodes will feature everything you need to make a complete holiday dinner.

In the first episode Lori and Kim will tackle the main course:

* Lemon Herb Turkey
* Sausage Stuffing
* Gravy

The remaining episodes will feature:

* Cranberry Sauce
* Caramel Apple Pie Martini
* Turnips n' Apples Casserole
* KinniKwik Dinner Rolls
* Autumn Harvest Apple Cake
* Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie
* Pumpkin Spice Latte

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