Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gluten Free Turkey

***The Holidays will soon be upon us and I would like to clarify whether Butterball turkeys are safe. I have been under the impression that Butterball turkeys contain preservatives that are not gluten free; I have switched to using only fresh turkeys. However, it seems I saw something in your newsletter that Butterball turkeys were safe to use. This has always been our family's favorite brand until my son was diagnosed with gluten allergies and would certainly enjoy using again if safe.

Dear Reader,

Butterball says it will list wheat if it is in any of its products including turkeys. I believe their regular turkeys have nothing added, but I would avoid the self-basting products from any company as well as any gravy packets that might be included with the turkeys. Keep in mind that most turkeys do not have anything added and, like other plains meats, would be safe for a gluten-free diet. Nevertheless here is a partial list of brands that I know are gluten-free.

Empire Kosher Turkeys
Honeysuckle White
ShadyBrook Farms
Pilgrim’s Pride

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Cooking. Beth

Source: newsletter

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