Monday, August 3, 2009

Great deal on EnviroKidz Organic Koala Crispy Rice Bars!

Normally I'm not one to promote a sale but this is kind of an exception. With tough economic times facing us all, the higher costs often associated with eating gluten free, getting a deal on a GF goody is a good thing, getting this kind of deal is a GREAT thing.

So, we first discovered the EnviroKidz Organic Koala Crispy Rice Bars years ago. They’re basically a healthy, organic version of chocolate rice crispy bars. Yum! And Amazon is currently offering a case of six boxes (36 bars in total) for about $18, or around $12 after coupon and Subscribe & Save, which is pretty good.

A friend of mine clicked through to the “other buying options” and let me know she discovered that the same case of 36 bars is currently being offered for $4.99 plus $.99 shipping through The Vitamin Shoppe. Just in case math isn’t your thing, let me make that a little clearer for you: That’s less than seventeen cents per bar! For a gluten-free, organic snack.

So go shopping and enjoy a cheap treat.


Bigmammy said...

Hi, did you actually order and get them? I am curious if it will be one box delivered, and they made a mistake. Please let me know.

Gaile said...

Well I ordered them and got one box of 6 bars. However, since their site clearly states the buyer is saving $19.01 (79%) it is obvious that this is supposed to be a case sale, so I have lodged a complaint. For now, you may want to tell your readers this is indeed too good to be true.