Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good Pizza News from a Member

One of the things I have missed over the last few years since being diagnosed as a Celiac (along with my daughter) is Papa's Pizza...I think it is the best Pizza known to mankind (I kind of grew up on it). I have been exchanging emails with Mike Nesbitt, the President of Papa's and he has informed me that starting Sept. 1st, all six restaurants will be serving gluten free offerings using Bavarian Mills crust. Bav. Mills is apparently taking a look at their processes as well to sort of 'certify' that they are offering and doing the right things for us gluten intolerant folks.

Mike seems to have researched things well and come up with a good a tasty solution for us.

I will leave Mike's note he left me below. This is exciting news for us as my daughter attends the U of OF...I think 4 of the Papa's restaurants are down there and 2 are up here!

Dan Sawford

Good Morning, Dan:

It's taken a while, but we will be offering the Bavarian Mills gluten free pizza crust starting September 1st at all of our six locations (most definitely including the Eugene/Springfield parlors where your daughter would be eating). We have also verified that most of our ingredients, sauce and cheese are gluten free. The only pizzas that will not be available would be BBQ chicken, fajita chicken, taco pizzas with chips or any pizza with BBQ sauce. The owner of Bavarian Mills has been to one of our pizza parlors and we've provided him with the guidelines we've developed for our gluten free pizza program and he will
essentially "certify" that what we are planning will in fact fulfill the needs of those suffering from gluten intolerance.

Hopefully this will all work out for our customers suffering from gluten intolerance concerns, and I'll look forward to hearing from you when you get a chance to give our new product a try---and I guarantee it will be topped just like any other Papa's pizza.

Thanks for your help and patience,

Mike Nesbitt

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