Friday, July 31, 2009

Grocery Store on the Far East Side

It's always so nice to hear what our members have to say about places they've discovered that will cater to the gluten free diet...

I thought I'd let you know about a store I stumbled across that you might want to include in your resources for the GIG group. It's close to the old building where twelve mile corner used to be on 223rd & Stark. It's on 223rd just South of Stark. It's a tiny store that carries organic products as well as fresh organic vegetables. When I was in there, I asked him if he had any Gluten Free products and he showed me the Gluten Free section. It had a few products (less than 10). That isn't a lot but what I did find is that he was willing to order ANYTHING for me that was possible to order online. I of course could order the same things online for the most part that he can... but it was the willingness and enthusiasm that I thought was noteworthy and wanted to pass that information on for the people who live out on the Eastside. I am in Troutdale and the only thing I have out here
is Fred Meyer nutrition section which is pretty good but of course I'm always interested in access to more choices since I don't get out to the other places like Whole Foods, New Seasons Market, etc... very often.

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