Friday, September 5, 2008


This Saturday, September 6, from 12 - 2 PM. There will be FREE samples of gluten free pizza at Juliano's Pizza! For those of you new to the area, Juliano's has been in business here for 21 years, and is frequently voted Best Pizza in Clark County. One review some years ago said "The best pizza in Portland is in Vancouver!" And then went on to sing the praises of their offerings. Jennifer Gurzi or NUGRAIN Inc is supplying the crusts, and they are delicious. From what I understand, there are whole pizza shells available as well.

Juliano's Pizzeria
15606 SE Mill Plain Blvd
Vancouver WA.

A note from one of the members of the Vancouver WA. Branch had this to say:
"On a personal note, my cousin and his wife were visiting from Salem yesterday. They have been living with his celiac disease for more than 30 years and were kind enough to treat us to Juliano's pizzas. He and I were both amazed and delighted. He declared it the best gf pizza he'd ever had from a restaurant, and that goes for me as well! It was delicious and loaded (something for which they are rightly famous)."

So join us Saturday at Juliano's!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone who took the time to join us this weekend @ Juliano's. The feedback and support was so valuable. For those of you who missed it, stop by Juliano's anytime for a delicious Wheat/Gluten Free pizza, available on the menu everyday.....
Thank you again!

Nugrain Inc.