Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I received a wonderful e-mail (thanks M!) about PIZZA!

"Garlic Jims" a pizza chain is going to start carrying Gluten Free Pizza (supposedly) within the next few weeks. I saw it online as I again desperately searched for something to replace the void that Olivers left. Anyway, I drove by the one on Cornell in the Streets of Tanasbourn area and went in and asked. The cashier knew exactly what I was asking about and said that every Garlic Jims is going to be doing this in all it's stores. They are doing it right now at their Salmon Creek store. She said that it was just a matter of their supplier shipping the dough to them, but that it was going to happen.

We will be following up on this and letting you all know when GF pizza will be back in our area! Stay tuned!


Malia said...

Okay, I just called around to all the Garlic Jims in my immediate area. At Orenco I was told that they were going to be carrying it but they didn't know when. At Cedar Hills they gave me the corporate office phone number and when I called there I was told that they were test marketing it to see if there was enough of a market to make it happen. I left a message and want to encourage EVERYONE to do the same, the corporate number is 1-425-918-1900. Please call them, to the point of harrassment if needed to make sure they all know that there is definately a market in the Portland area!!!!

Michelle said...

I work with a pizza chain that already serves gluten free pizza, brownies and beer. Pizza Fusion is a franchise that offers a 75% organic menu, which caters to the vegan and celiac communities. Not to mention we are uber eco-friendly!


Brian-J said...

Laurel's Sweet Treats has been offering excellent pizza crusts ever since Oliver's closed!

Stop by her facility and pick up a couple. They keep well in the freezer and are easy to bake.

And they taste better than those frozen Amy's pizzas in Whole Food's freezer section.

Seriously, call Laurel already!!

Malia said...

If anyone knows the person who used to make the crusts for Olivers, I spoke with Papa's Pizza in Beaverton and they are open to offering Gluten Free Pizza if the crusts were available to them.

Jenn said...

Thanks Malia!
I'll be sure to let her know...

Brian-J said...

Laurel of Laurel's Sweet Treats was the one that originally set up and trained the folks at Talarico's (later Pasto-Rico's/Oliver's).

Then I believe it was Grass Roots that provided pizza crusts.

Lauren said...

I called my local Garlic Jim's at Cedar Hills and the person I spoke with said that their location is expecting to have the gluten-free pizzas available within the next week! That makes me extremely happy because I adored Garlic Jim's pizza before I got diagnosed with sprue. Can't wait!

Malia said...

I have been out of town, any word on when to expect the Gluten Free Pizza at Garlic Jims? If it is available, has anyone tried it? To be honest at this point if it tastes slightly better than salted cardboard I would be excited!!

Garlic Goldie said...

RE: Garlic Jim's Gluten Free

Hello All! I work at the Garlic Jim's i Salmon Creek. I just posted a blog called: Gluten Free Pizza Delivery in Vancouver? Yes! If you could stop by and check it out I would deeply appreciated it. I'm trying to spread the word. I am also going to add a link to this blog so that I can help spread the word about GF stuff to our customers in Salmon Creek and Hazel Dell Washington.

ANYWAY -- about the pizza. Corporate GJ's was in our store last week testing out the gluten free crust for themselves. I honestly don't know when the national roll out is going to be. But it's got to be soon. See we found a new market for them. It's interesting to me because we started out by putting a sandwich board that reads "Now serving Gluten Free Pizza" and people started rolling in to buy it. That was our only advertising. More places should catch on that there is money in serving gluten free... When I find out more about the gluten free pizza I will stop by and let you know!

Anonymous said...

There is also gluten free pizza and beer options at MISSISSIPPI PIZZA in NE Portland!

Garlic Goldie said...

Also in Vancouver, WA is Smokey's Hot Oven Pizza...

mike m said...

Picazzo Pizza is now open on SE 13th in the Sellwood area of Portland. They are out of Arizona. They have gluten free pizza and beer as well as # of other items on their menu that are gluten free.

Anonymous said...

I tried Mississippi Pizza last night and it was WONDERFUL!!! Oh I was so excited! My partner who is non-non gluten free :) split a pizza with me and we both loved it, great quality, great taste--you could actually pick up the pizza slices (I so often have to use a fork when I get store bought rice crust-ick) it was so fantastic. The staff knew what we were talking about, knew what toppings had wheat or not with out looking things up, everyone from the bussers to the chef deserves to be complimented. I can not rave enough about how wonderful the whole expereince is. I am already looking forward to going back--oh and did I mention that I live out in Beaverton? This place is 100% worth the trip!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Missippissi Pizza is the best GF pizza out there. I have tried everything available in Portland, NYC, and Chicago.

nwLaura said...

I just called corporate office (thanks to malia for posting the number).
Here is what's in the g-f crust. (GJ's at Nimbus & Hall in Beaverton have it).
white rice flour
garbonzo chick pea flour
brown rice flour
sorghum syrup
almond meal
grape seed oil
olive oil
potato starch
sea salt
apple cider vinegar
guar gum

Gretchen said...

Garlic Jim's at Nimbus and Hall is no longer a Garlic Jim's. They became an independent pizza place but are still offering gluten free pizza. I couldn't verify that they were going to continue to get their crusts from the same bakery.

Garlic Jim said...

Hi all.
I own the Garlic Jim's Pizza in Clackamas on Sunnyside Road (across from Kaiser) and we offer Gluten Free pizza. We are very proud of our ability to offer pizza to the gluten free community and want to encourage you to try it - we are sure you'll agree it is the best gluten free pizza around. Mention the word bulldog and get $3 off your next gluten free pie. Call us at (503) 496-5467 or order on line at www.garlicjims.com.
Gourmet - Right away!

Joshua said...

Just so you all know, as of July 2009, Garlic Jim's locations at both Orenco Station and Cedar Hills carry gluten-free crusts. What's more, both locations will deliver gluten-free pizza to your door. It's not the absolute best GF pizza you can get, but it's decent and they deliver!!!
Jenn, you might want to add them to your Google Map. Cheers!