Sunday, September 9, 2007

Restaurant News

Some local restaurant news...

It seems that our beloved Olivers (aka Pasta-Ricos/Telaricos) will not be reopening. If a new place springs up where we can all get GF pizza believe you me - I'll let ya know!

Also Assaggio's seems to have shut their doors. However word on the street is they will be opening up under new ownership in a month or so. As things develop we'll keep you posted. Not sure if the new owners will offer GF food or not.

Lastly it seems Monteaux's Public House on Walker Rd. in Beaverton has a gluten free menu now. I have yet to check them out so if anyone's interested in seeing how safe they are and want to report back in we'd love to hear from you!

Any other restaurants we're missing that you love and wish to share with the rest of us? Let us know! We'd all love to hear about it.... and then run out and try it! ;^)


Jay said...

We used to frequent Monteaux's when we lived down the street a few years ago, and we were always satisfied. This was, however, before she was diagnosed. I'm very happy to hear about their menu, because I've been thinking about how much I missed their food.

Anonymous said...

I'd never tried Monteaux's before, but when I read about their gluten free menu I gave then a shot. I thought the meal I had was quite good. The menu is small, however I was happy to encourage any reastaurant that is reaching out this way. I wouldn't compare it to Corbet Fish House or Olivers (RIP), or even PF Changs in number of items/special accomodations, etc, however it 100% beats Outback Steakhouse's "gluten free" Menu. and the foot itself was WONDERFUL.