Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Administrative News and Notes from the 4/12 Meeting

The Gluten Free Food Fair is coming up on Saturday, April 26th at the DoubleTree Lloyd Center. Lots of grass roots marketing efforts underway to get the word out about the fair. Posters were passed around for people to handout in the community. This is the annual fundraiser for GIG of Portland and we need your help.

During the Gluten Free Food Fair, there will be a silent auction to raise funds to send a kid to Camp Blue Spruce, an in-state camp near Burns Oregon for kids 9-14 yrs old with food allergies on Aug 17-22. We are in need of donated items for the silent auction. Authors Patricia Harrington donated a La Petite Assiette cookbook and Tim and Lisa Stander Horel donated a Nosh on This cookbook for the event! Thank you all! If you can donate an item for the auction please contact Dr. Shaver at 503-222-1315. Dr. Shaver Contact Info

Social Media co-chair Cece produces the GFree Connect monthly newsletter in addition to the GIG of
Portland Monthly eNewsletter and sent around a sign-up sheet for anyone interested in receiving the GFree Connect enewsletter. If you are interested in signing up for either newsletter, please email her at ceceglutenfree AT and she will get you on the list.

Membership Coordinator Connie Poff mentioned a membership cost is $10 which includes a paper copy of the newsletter mailed to your home or business quarterly. Connie's Contact Info

The Vancouver GIG area is looking for leaders or a group of individuals to run group meetings since the group disbanded in January 2014. If interested please contact: Kristi Curtis: justus323 AT or 360-518-0464. GIG of SW Wa

Carol, a Nutritionist from New Seasons Market, joined us. She mentioned store tours and gluten free classes are available at their locations. She also mentioned there are grain free cooking classes in the works! More information will be available in store or online at New Seasons Events

Jen started the GF Supper Club this past November and organizes dedicated gluten free and gluten free friendly events at local gluten free restaurants. She is considering potlucks in the future. Flyers were available at the meeting. For more information, please visit her facebook page for the GF Supper Club or her website, GF Supper Club.

When dining in a restaurant be clear and articulate with the waitstaff that you are gluten free. You may need to say to several people, "I get sick when I eat gluten" or "I am allergic to gluten" to make your point clearly. 

In regards to some local restaurants, it was mentioned by a GIG member that PF Chang's has black rings around their plates to ID gluten free food. Another person mentioned that all Red Robin restaurants have dedicated fryers for gluten free food as well. 

If you are looking for some inexpensive lab tests (~$100-150), has a Gene Assure kit available that can be ordered without a doctors prescription to test for celiac genes. Entero Labs and Kasha Labs (DNA) also have tests available.


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